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ECTS credits for MS in Germany explained

What is the ECTS system?

The European Credit Transfer system is a standard for measuring course work and grades aimed to make student mobility easy within EU.

There are 2 key concepts here:
1 ECTS Grades - Measures your performance. Grades range from A (top 10%) to F (fail).

2 ECTS Credits - Measures your course work. 1 credit equals 30 study hours.

ECTS credits requirement for masters in Germany

MS programs in Germany ask for “Leistungspunkte" (LP) or "Kreditpunkte" (KP). These are your ECTS credits, and the requirements can be in one of two ways:
- Overall: 180 credits in a related field of study.
- Subject based requirements: for eg. 20 credits in Maths and 30 in CS.

To calculate credits for your coursework, use the tool above.

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