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German grade system explained

What is the German grade system?

Grades in Germany follow a 5 or 6 point system.

1.0 is the best grade, 4.0 is passing mark. Anything above (5 or 6) is a failing grade.

Grading systems vary significantly across countries, as well as within Germany. German grades are asked on MS applications only to get an early idea, but it is non-binding.

Converting international grades to German system

International grades are converted using the “modified Bavarian formula”, as specified by the resolution of the Kultusministerkonferenz.

This works for the Indian system (10 point grade scale), percentages (0-100%) or the American grade system (1.0-4.0).

For letter based grades, do the following:
Step 1: Convert to numbers

e.g. A - 1, B - 2, C - 3, D - 4, E - 5, F (fail) - 6

Step 2: Enter values in the calculator

Set max grade to 1.
Set min grade to the passing mark, from the above example it is 5 (E).

Tips for MS applicants

1 Don’t convert your score to the German grade system unless specifically asked by the program. Apply with the grades from your Bachelors' university.

2 If you have a strict grading system, use the grade of the course topper as the maximum grade. Your grade will be relative to the top student.

3 Universities consider your rank in class, it always helps to mention in your LORs: "xyz was among the top n% students in our class".

ECTS credits are different from grades. Learn more about it here.