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Pre-admission Package*

A-Z of the application process, till you get an admit.

What's included:
Profile evaluation
University shortlisting
Resume building
SOP writing and review
Preparing Letters of Recommendation
Guidance on APS, university applications, ECTS grade conversion and more..
Access to our tech platform↗
Final packet review and interview preparation
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1:1 Counseling

Book a session with one of our founders!

What's included:
45min consultation
Profile assessment
Guidance on jobs, higher education and international careers
Insights into Germany
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Admission packet review

Get an assessment of your applications from an expert.

What's included:
SOP review
LOR review
CV / Resume review
CV Templates
Builders for SOP and LOR
A feedback session with our experts.
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*We only support applications to reputed public universities. Learn more


Experiences from CareerSky students who successfully got admits to universities in Germany.

“Transparency is a big problem in the college admission consultancies. Students need reliable mentorship”

Uni Göttingen, Freiburg & Konstanz '23
Google - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates

A student with top grades, awards & publications - Why do you need mentorship?

HS Darmstadt, HS Dortmund, Uni Freiburg '23

“I like being in control of my application instead of someone else doing it in a blackbox. CareerSky's mentorship model is the right way.”

HS Offenburg '23