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APS India Launches Digital Certificates for Students Seeking Admission to German Universities

APS India has launched digital certificates.

June 23, 2023

CareerSky is excited to announce that APS India has officially launched digital certificates for students seeking admission to German universities. Starting from next week, paper printed certificates will be replaced by digital certificates, making the process more efficient and quicker.

These digital APS certificates are issued in a secure PDF file format and are validated by a digital signature. Upon completion of the APS verification, the digital certificate will be delivered to the registered email address of the applicant. The digital certificate has the same validity as the paper-printed certificate and can be used for submitting documents at VFS, the German Embassy/Consulate for student visa applications, as well as at Uni-Assist and at German universities for the admission process.

The goal of introducing digital certificates is to accelerate processing times and make it easier for applicants to apply to a greater number of German universities. This change will undoubtedly make the process more streamlined and convenient for students, allowing them to pursue their academic goals in Germany with ease.

However, it's important to note that as of April 24th, 2023, digital certificates will only be issued to applicants who registered on the individual verification procedure. Applicants who are participating in a partnership or exchange program are not eligible for obtaining a digital certificate. Students who have already received their APS certificate in paper-printed form can rest assured that their certificate remains valid and accepted by German authorities and universities.

Furthermore, APS India will follow up with another post next week on how to verify the authenticity of the digital certificate. This information will provide clarity and assurance to students regarding the legitimacy of the digital certificate.

In conclusion, the introduction of digital certificates by APS India is a significant development that will enhance the admission process for students seeking to pursue their academic goals in Germany. It's a change that will make the process more efficient, quicker, and ultimately provide students with more convenience and flexibility. CareerSky wishes all students the best of luck in their academic journey, and we hope this news will provide them with more clarity and peace of mind in pursuing their academic aspirations in Germany.

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