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Decoding Admission Chances: Safe, Moderate, Ambitious through relativity and reference profiles

January 4, 2024

In the last step, you successfully tagged your universities as Safe, Moderate, and Ambitious by inputting your profile into Rate My Chances AI: https://www.careersky.in/blog/shortlist-universities-safe-moderate-ambi. However, when it comes to university selection – one of the most critical steps – it never hurts to be doubly sure.
That's why we're introducing another way to obtain predictions, further enhancing the robustness of your decision-making process. By utilizing reference profiles and assessing where you stand in comparison, you'll now have chances tags (Safe, Moderate, and Ambitious) derived from two objective sources. This dual perspective ensures that you're making the most informed and confident choice for your academic journey.

Navigating the admissions process for your desired university can be challenging, but with a clear strategy, you can simplify your choices. Here's a concise guide on how to tag programs as Safe, Moderate, or Ambitious using LinkedIn search/ Reference profiles for a specific target university.

Step 1: Gather Reference Profiles
Begin by collecting reference profiles from seniors or friends who are currently attending or have attended your target university. If you lack these profiles, don't worry. You can find relevant profiles on LinkedIn by google/bing searching for '<Target University> <LinkedIn> <Home Country/Location>'. For instance, if you're interested in TU Munich and you're from India, search 'TU Munich LinkedIn India'.

Step 2: Use Rate My Chances AI
Utilize the Rate My Chances AI tool to assess your chances of admission. If you don't have all the information for certain fields, that's perfectly fine. Leave those fields empty, and the AI will intelligently extrapolate the most suitable values. This will provide you with a profile score that serves as a benchmark for evaluation.

Step 3: Assess Profile Score Differences
Now, compare your own profile score (for e.g, 60 is the profile score in the image above) with those of the reference profiles. The differences will help you determine the appropriate tag for the university you're interested in.

- If your profile score is 15 or more points lower than the reference profiles, consider the university as Ambitious.
- If your profile score is within -10 to 0 points of the reference profiles, the university falls under the Moderate-Ambitious category.
- If your profile score is within 0 to 10 points higher than the reference profiles, the university can be considered Moderately Safe.
- If your profile score is 15 points or more above the reference profiles, you can confidently tag the university as Safe.

Simplify Your Decision
By following these crisp steps, you can streamline your university choices and have a clearer understanding of where you stand in terms of admission competitiveness.

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