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Finalizing the university list

January 4, 2024

Now that you have upto 25 candidate programs. We'll guide you through a strategic approach to finalize your university choices.

Determining the Ideal Number of Programs

How many programs should you apply to? We recommend around 12 programs. Anything above 8 programs would be a solid approach to boost your chances.

Balancing Your Choices

Create a well-rounded strategy:

  • 50% Moderate Universities
  • 25% Safe Universities
  • 25% Ambitious Universities

For instance, if you plan to apply to 12 programs, aim for 6 Moderate, 3 Safe, and 3 Ambitious choices.

Refining Your List: Applying Hard Filters

To finalize your list:

  1. ECTS Credits: Review program requirements and remove any programs where you don't meet ECTS credit criteria. Use the calculator at https://www.careersky.in/ects-credits-calculator.
  2. Grade Requirement: Check if you meet the grade requirement. Calculate the German grade equivalent using https://www.careersky.in/german-grade-converter.
  3. Other Hard Criteria: Review for additional hard criteria not aligned with your preferences, e.g., interviews.

Crafting Your Final List

Choose 6 Moderate, 3 Safe, and 3 Ambitious universities from your refined list. This ensures a balanced selection matching your academic profile and preferences.

P.S: How should you tailor your choices if the majority of your selected programs fall into the Safe or Ambitious categories?
If most of your programs fall into the Safe category, consider selecting 8 programs you're most inclined towards. If the majority are Ambitious, focus on up to 10 programs where you stand the best chance.

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