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Germany student visa experience from an Indian applicant

January 22, 2024

Getting a visa can be a bit scary. You don't want to mess up, and the whole thing can be a mystery until you're actually there at the VFS center. Even after going through the document checklist a million times, it's still a bit nerve-wracking. But hey, it's always nice to hear about someone else's experience, right? So, let me share what happened when I applied for a Germany Study Visa from VFS Delhi:

Arriving at the visa center:

So, I arrived at Shivaji Metro Station and walked about 800 meters to the VFS Global Center. It's on the ground floor, accessible from ground floor 1 of the metro station. If you're walking, the security folks will guide you to form a queue, allowing entry 30 minutes before your appointment. Another security person inside on the ground floor lets you in 15 minutes before your appointment time.

Security Check and Premium Services:

First thing they do is the security check. Laptops and pen drives are not allowed, but other items like chargers, power banks, water, and food are permitted. If you have items with you which are not permitted, there are locker rooms available on site for a fee.

After security check, a sales person will talk to you about premium services. Unless you're facing serious issues, the standard process is efficient. You don't need the premium service.

Token number:

Next you will be sent to a counter to collect your token. Once you have your token, head to G block, where there are lots of counters (16 for Germany). You will be called according to your token number which will be displayed on a screen and also via voice message through speaker.

Document Submission:

Once your token number is called, go to the counter displayed on the screen. A person at the counter will ask for two copies of your documents. Don't worry about arranging them in a specific order like shown in some YouTube videos; the process may vary. They will ask you to sign some documents like cover letter, motivation, form 54 etc.

After that they will hand you over a questionnaire with questions like why this program, Germany, favourite subject, 10 , 12 school , university and medium of instruction, program structure etc. You have to get a copy of that form and give the filled form back to the person.

Payment and Services:

After giving your documents, they will ask you to select the services like courier, sms, courier insurance and pay the fee. Both cash and card are accepted. For cash there is another counter. Don't opt for SMS because you get the same message over email as well.

Biometric Process:

After payment, they give you your documents in a bag and tell you to go for biometrics. This is the last step. In the biometric room, your fingerprints are taken. In my case, the process took longer due to technical issues, lasting around 40 to 50 minutes. After completing biometrics, your passport is collected and will be delivered or available for pickup after stamping.

Total Process Time:

The entire process took approximately 2 hours, from 9 am to 10:50 am. They mentioned that passports would be ready within 3 to 8 weeks.

Pro Tips:

  • Book your appointment as early as possible.
  • Don't be shy about asking questions during the process.

So, in conclusion, even though the visa application process seems like a big deal, it's not that bad once you've been through it. I hope my story helps those going on a similar journey.

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