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Guide To Student Visa for Germany

January 4, 2024
The Ultimate Guide to Obtaining a German Student Visa

The Ultimate Guide to Obtaining a German Student Visa

Post Admit Checklist for German Universities

Before you begin your visa application process, ensure you have completed the essential tasks listed in the Post Admit Checklist provided by CareerSky. This checklist will help you organize and prepare all the necessary documents required for the visa application.

Step 1: Utilize the Visa Navigator

Before diving into the visa application process, take advantage of the Visa Navigator tool. It's a powerful resource offered by the German government to guide you through the visa requirements tailored to your specific situation.

Step 2: Essential Information from Diplo.de

Next, visit the official website of the German diplomatic missions in India to get detailed insights and updates on the visa application process. They provide valuable information and necessary documentation for your student visa.

Step 3: Student Visa Checklist

Application Form
Copy of your passport’s data page (A4 size copy)
Statement of Purpose / Motivation Letter
Certificate from the APS (Academic Evaluation Centre)
Proof of language skills in the language of instruction (at least B2-level) (original and 2 copies). Only certificates approved by the German government will be accepted (e.g., Goethe Institut, Max Mueller Bhavan, ÖSD, IELTS, TOEFL). Do NOT provide “exemption letters” or “Language of Instruction Certificates!”
Certificates of all academic qualifications (original and 2 copies)
Curriculum vitae
Proof of financial means to cover the costs for the time of your studies, such as confirmation of a German/EU scholarship/stipend, a “Verpflichtungserklärung” (formal obligation letter) by a sponsor living in Germany, or a blocked account for the first year of your stay, amounting to 11,208 euros
If the university charges tuition fees: Proof of funds equivalent to the tuition fees for the first two semesters and the fee structure (detailed overview of fees), such as confirmation of payment issued by the university, education loan, or unblocked deposit added to your blocked account (in addition to the 11,208 euros mentioned above)
3 passport pictures according to biometric specifications, not older than 6 months
Official Checklist
Demand draft for visa fee

Step 4: Booking a Visa Interview Appointment

To book an appointment for your student visa interview, follow the instructions provided by the German diplomatic mission in your jurisdiction:

  • German Embassy New Delhi: VFS Global or online
  • German Consulate General Bangalore: online or by e-mail
  • German Consulate General Chennai: Online
  • German Consulate General Kolkata: VFS Global: 022-67866013 and/or online
  • German Consulate General Mumbai: VFS Global: 022-67866013 and/or online

Step 5: Submit Documents and Attend Visa Interview at VFS

Submit all your documents and attend the visa interview at the designated VFS Global Application Centre in your jurisdiction. For more details, refer to the Visa Questions and Answers section provided by CareerSky.

Processing Time for Student Visa

As your application will be forwarded to the competent immigration authorities in Germany, the processing of your application will take six to eight weeks. You are therefore advised to apply well in advance of the proposed beginning of your studies.


Please note that the student visa is only valid for entering Germany. After arriving in Germany, you'll need to apply for a residence permit within the first few weeks of your arrival. Make this your additional step after arrival.

Sample Visa Application Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to apply for a student visa (Visum zu Studienzwecken) for Germany. I have been accepted into [University Name] to pursue a [Degree Program] starting from [Start Date]. I am very excited about this opportunity and eager to begin my studies in Germany.

I have enclosed all the necessary documents required for the visa application, including the APS certificate. I have also arranged for the required financial means to cover the costs of my studies in Germany.

As part of my application, I have attached a detailed Statement of Purpose (SOP) explaining my academic and career goals and why I have chosen Germany as my study destination. Additionally, I have included all my academic qualifications and a curriculum vitae to provide a comprehensive overview of my background.

I assure you that I will abide by all the rules and regulations governing student visa holders in Germany, and I will leave the country upon the expiry of my visa. I am committed to studying diligently and making the most of this opportunity.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the opportunity to study in Germany and contribute to the academic community at [University Name]. If you require any further information or documents, please feel free to contact me.


[Your Name]

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