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How to expedite getting an APS certificate?

Steps to speed up getting the APS certificate.

January 4, 2024

APS certificate is needed to apply for a student visa in Germany. Currently, many students in India are facing delays of 3-4 months in getting their APS certificate, which adds risk to admissions and timelines.

Steps to get APS certificate faster:

APS expedites the processing of your application if you have received an admit. After you receive the admit notification from the university, take the following steps:

  1. Email your university: Once you receive an admit from a university, send them an email with your APS application details. The universities are familiar with this situation, they will contact APS and get your application expedited. Be sure to include your APS unique ID, Transaction ID, Transaction Reference Number and transaction date details in your email.
  2. Email APS: Inform APS that you have received an admit from the university with the details.
  3. Ask your professor from the Bachelors university to email APS (email template below).
  4. Give a responsive contact: APS will message your professor asking to verify your documents. It is important that you share the contact of a professor who are responsive with the emails. If the verification is done with a day, your receive your APS certificate within 48hrs, if the verification is delayed, then your application goes into a backlog and will be picked up again after 3-4 weeks. Speak with your professor and politely inform them that a quick verification is important for your timelines.
  5. Save the APS number: Caller ID apps might silence the APS verification call on your phone as spam. To prevent this from happening, save the APS phone numbers as contacts on your phone.

Email templates for speeding up APS:

From your Bachelors professor to APS:

Subject: Admit: Urgent Processing of APS Verification To whom it may concern, I am writing this email to assist our institute’s alumni, , with the APS verification at his/her request. I confirm that has studied Bachelor of Technology - Computer Science Engineering, during the academic years 2019-2023 and has passed with a GPA of on a scale of 10, at University, Mumbai. I am attaching his/her Bachelor’s transcripts and provisional degree certificate to support the verification. His/her APS Application Details are: Unique ID: Transaction ID: Transaction Reference Number: Date of transaction: Name: Email: has an admission from the for the winter semester of 2023 and needs to produce the APS certificate for his/her Visa appointment as well as for the enrolment into the course before the deadline. We kindly request you process his/her APS verification at the earliest so that it will enable him/her to join the course as per the published schedule. Thanks and Regards, (Professor from ___ University)

What does NOT work for expediting APS certificate:

  • Sending APS repeated emails: Many students are messaging APS every single day to ask about the status of the application. This can lead to blocking of your email and exclusion from APS process. See this [message by the German Embassy](https://www.instagram.com/reel/CvKQfFdRrSL/?igshid=MmU2YjMzNjRlOQ%3D%3D).
  • Visiting APS office in person: Some students have booked flights to APS centres and waited all day at the office for dealing with their application. This doesn't help with speeding up the application process.
  • Hiring an agent: Some agents claim to get you an APS certificate faster: this is simply not possible. Be wary of such traps.

For further questions, refer to the guide on APS certificate or join our student community on discord to get help.

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