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Using Rate My Chances AI to classify universities as Safe, Moderate and Ambitious

January 4, 2024

DAAD faces challenges in effectively shortlisting universities for students due to certain factors:

  1. Complex Dataset: DAAD's extensive dataset sometimes results in missing out on universities that might be suitable. For instance, students aiming for Computer Science programs could miss out on suitable options if those programs are categorized under Mathematics or Natural Sciences. This issue extends to various other fields as well.
  2. Lack of Personalization: DAAD's recommendations ignore individual profiles and university rankings, leaving students uncertain about their admission odds. "Rate My Chances AI" fixes this by letting Master's applicants check their acceptance likelihood and get personalized suggestions. Enter your profile, get a competitiveness score, and find universities ranked as safe, moderate, or challenging based on your profile.

Step 1: Go to https://www.careersky.in/rate-my-chances

Step 2: Fill out the information following the instructional video below:

This AI tool has demonstrated its effectiveness for numerous students who have successfully gained admission to prestigious institutions such as TU Munich, University of Göttingen, RWTH Aachen University, University of Freiburg, among others.

Step 3: At the last step, there is an optional field to enter email address and get a report.

If you do so you'll get a report with suggested universities to apply as well as your predicted chances in 0.0-1.0 scale. For e.g, 0.8 = 80% chance.

Step 4: Adding New Programs to Excel Sheet

Use RateMyChances AI (RMCAI) for program suggestions.

Note program names and relevant details, including DAAD links if available, in the Excel sheet from the previous guide.

Step 5: Tagging Programs Using RMCAI as Reference

For programs without RMCAI Scores:

  • Compare RMCAI Scores of similar programs.
  • Use RMCAI as a guide to tag programs without scores.
  • For example, if TU Munich has a high RMCAI Score, you can infer that similar-ranked programs like RWTH Aachen might have similar chances.

By following these steps, you can efficiently add new programs, include DAAD links, and categorize them as Safe, Moderate, or Ambitious based on RMCAI's score reference, even for programs without RMCAI scores.

Next steps:

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