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Travel checklist for Masters in Germany 🛫

Got an admit for MS, MBA or PhD in Germany? Here's a full check-list before departure for a smooth travel ✅

January 4, 2024

2-4 weeks before departure

1. Finances

  • Euros Cash 💶 - Get some Euros in cash for small expenses when you arrive. We recommend around 200 - 400 EUR if you have a card.
  • Travel card 💳 - For making payments in Euros, regular bank cards can charge a high exchange rate and withdrawal fee. Revolut is awesome for travel. You get a free card which can hold multiple currencies and has no withdrawal fee across many ATMs in Germany. Plus the online app is very convenient to manage your card and account.
  • (Alternative to travel card) Forex card - A multi-currency forex card allows you to spend in Euros and load the card at a low exchange markup. Check for withdrawal fee, card replace and exchange rates while selecting one.
  • Consolidate existing accounts - Check for minimum account balance in your accounts in the home country to avoid charges. Close any accounts you won't be needing.

2. Accommodation

Check the student groups for housing ASAP and find a place to stay when you arrive. The cheapest options in the city get over soon

3. Close contracts and subscriptions

Gym/ sports club memberships, travel passes, insurances, postpaid plans and any other subscriptions you have that won't be used any longer -> now's the time to close them.

4. Health check

Visit your physician, dentist and eye doctor to get a full health check-up done. Carry the medical reports, prescriptions and medicines for a while until you get a local doctor in Germany. Over the counter medicines are easily available at local pharmacies (Apotheke) in Germany.

5. Documents

Local IDs like PAN card, Aadhar, Drivers license etc. are hard to create after you move overseas. Get them done now.

6. Learn to cook

You'll have to starting making your own meals. Learn a few easy recipes and your favorites at home. It's great for saving money, plus you can throw a cool dinner party for friends with those new cooking skills 🧑‍🍳

The last week before you travel 🎒

Here's what you should do before the big trip:

1. Phone

  • Activate International roaming - You need to be able to receive SMS and have data connectivity when you arrive.
  • Buy a local German sim card - Do not get one at the airport. You can easily find sim cards at most supermarkets in the city. Premiumsim gives pretty competitve rates and has good network in Germany.
  • Postpaid to prepaid - If you have a postpaid plan back home, close the subscription or convert it to prepaid.

2. Install useful mobile apps

  • Google Translate
  • Public transport - DB Navigator, local city transport apps. Get the Deutschland ticket which gives you access to local trains, trams and buses all over Germany.
  • Ebay Kleinanzagen - you could also just use their website. This is a second hand market where people sell stuff. You can often find items at a good bargain.

3. Packing / Shopping

You'll find clothing, electronics, kitchen items in Germany. Here are some that you do need to carry:

  • Warm clothing - If you're arriving between October to March, chances are it is very cold and you don't want to land in the city without a jacket / sweater. Check the temperature and carry winter wear.
  • Travel adapter - for your phone and laptop chargers.
  • Food - some snacks from home and spices are very under-appreciated. You'll be so thankful you carried these within one week 😄
  • Pressure cooker - Specific to cuisines from Indian subcontinent, this is hard to find in Germany. Carry a small one (2-3L).
  • Baggage - Ensure you bags fits the airline size policy. A bagpack is quite useful for trips later because you'll probably never use the massive trolley until you move to another place.

Final Check

  • Documents - Have your insurance, travel cards, admit letter, visa, passport and all documents handy in a folder. Carry this with you in the hand baggage since it will be needed at immigration.
  • Emergency contacts - Save the university helpline / International student office and a local friend's number.
  • Tag your bags - Weigh and label you luggage before the travel.

You're all set! Enjoy the new phase of your life and safe travels to Germany!

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