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Why study in Germany?

What is the benefit of studying in Germany for international students (eg. India, Indonesia, Turkey, Brazil etc.)

January 4, 2024

5 reasons why Germany is a top destination for international students in 2024:

  1. High quality of education - 22 out of top 200 universities in the world are in Germany. The education, research and student facilities are unparalleled.
  2. Affordable fees - Education in Germany is free. Most public universities charge a semester contribution between 100-350 Euros (it includes many benefits like public transport, sports facilities etc.).
  3. High paying jobs - There are TONS of jobs on the German market with super high salaries.
  4. Safe environment - 13% of people living in Germany come from other countries. There are roughly half a million international students as of 2023. The diverse environment makes it very welcoming to other cultures.
  5. Simple visa - The student and work visa process for Germany is straightforward. There are no lottery systems or long waiting times.

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